General Sessions & Featured Speakers

The following are the general session subjects for the 2017 Snow Symposium. Speaker information to be posted soon.

General Session I - SRE Procurement and Navigating the AIP Handbook

Equipment procurement can be a tricky subject and a complicated one at that. This general session aims to help you with this process by going over some basics of procurement and ways you can go about purchasing equipment. This includes using AIP funds and rules associated with using those funds. Examples will be given to further help explain some procurement processes. This will arm you with the knowledge to help make purchases a little easier to understand.


General Session II - TALPA/ RCAM Best Practices

More information coming soon!



General Session III -Snow Melters

Snowmelters have been in use since the 19th century. Snow melting evolved out of the necessity to dispose of snow from roadways, airport tarmacs, parking areas, and other surfaces where large piles of snow would be a hindrance to the operation of vehicles or aircraft. Many airports have limited space for snow dumps and more and more airports are using snowmelters to dispose of snow, both airside and landside, in a cost effective, safe, secure, and environmentally acceptable manner. At this time the FAA does not consider snowmelters as equipment required by AC150/5200-30C and 150/5220-20A resulting in no clear cut specification on the construction and rating of snowmelters.

Currently there are three major manufacturers of snowmelters. Each manufacturer uses many similar components to melt snow and bases their equipment on a BTU or ton rating, however each uses a different way to calculate the rating. Since there is no standard in the industry, no one is right or wrong in how they calculate their ton rating. Representatives of the manufacturers will discuss the snowmelter's operation, how the rating is calculated, using BTU's to compare snowmelters, finding the size needed for your operation, and features that may be added to improve operations.

Various airport representatives and snow removal contractors will discuss the criteria they used for determining the need for a snowmelter and specifying the rating of the snowmelter. In addition, they will discuss how they determined if any other features would be needed for their particular operation. Operational costs, environmental restrictions, and any other advantages of snow melting will also be discussed.


General Session IV - SMS/Runway Safety

More information coming soon!


Snow Plow Rodeo

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